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Principles of the site Echecs-Courriel

First, you enter your data :

You can then display a list of available players, with fewer games in progress than the number they entered, and with a computed classification near  yours, or near the average (1400) if you never finished a game on this site.

From there, you can invite a player, by sending an e-mail to him. He can accept or not.

If he accepts, a game is started :

During the game, there is only PGN exchanges by e-mail, without connexion to the site.

This choice has been made to lower the load on the site, to allow playing free, quickly and without advertisements.

Those without unlimited connexion time will appreciate this, and even for those with fast Internet, it saves time.

To read the e-mails, you can use ChessComment or many another chess softwares, or even only your e-mail software. There is more details here.

When the game is over, each player send his game on the site, preferably with his comments and analysis. It is possible to do it on the site, and also directly from ChessComment during the backup of your PGN. When a player  resigned or accepted a draw offer, the number of games in progress falls by 1, the classification is updated. The comments of each one can be displayed by the other players.

A player who has started a game for at least 8 days, and has not received a response quickly enough, can ask the other to send his game and, if he does not do it, he will be declared the loser by abandonment at the end of one month.

When neither of the players sent his game or claimed that of the adversary, the two players are invited by the site to send it. When neither of the 2 players answers this request, the games are removed at the end of another month. If, in the next month, only one of the two players answers, the other will be declared loser by abandonment.

Players who don't answer are made unavailable, until they change this property on the site.

Advantages compared to the existing sites


Support and discussion forum